Automatyczny odkurzacz basenowy B680 firmy WEDA

Automatyczny odkurzacz basenowy B680 firmy WEDA

The Weda B680 is a powerful, automatic pool cleaner for middle sized to the really big swimming pools. The B680 enables a rapid and efficient cleaning of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It is supplied with a safety transformer with an operating voltage of 42 V for maximum safety. It is equipped with ergonomically designed handles that save backs and enables easy handling of the machine in and out of the water. The powerful suction of the pump enables the B680 to also clean the walls of the swimming pools. The Weda B680 comes equipped with a remote control with cable or radio remote control and can be operated in both manual and automatic mode. With the optional timer the B680 can be set to start and stop operation at any time you define enabling automatic overnight cleaning of swimming pools. The rotating brush system cleans the bottom from all dirt, which is subsequently removed by the powerful pump. Together with the new improved filter this enables the Weda B680 to clean even very large swimming pools in a rapid and efficient way. The Weda B680 requires only a minimum of maintenance and is ready to be operated as soon as it is taken out of the box and connected to the power supply. The B680 meets the demands of the EC declaration of conformity for machines and electrical equipment.


około 49 kg

Ciężar w wodzie

okolo 5 kg

Wymiary (dł x szer x wys)

86 x 60 x 70 cm

Szerokość ssania

60 cm

Wydajność pompy

1200 l/min

Szybkość (regulowana)

0,25 lub 0,45 m/sec

Szybkość trybie automatycznym

0,25 m/sec

Zasilanie 3-fazowe, 50/60 Hz

205/230/400 V

Napięcie pracy

42 V

Moc maksymalna

2,5 kW